Placing an order implies The full acceptance without reservation to our CG of the buyer waives his. All orders placed imply adherence to our CG.  Order All orders must be subject to a written order containing our CG (signed our quote back by email or mail).  Price Our ​​prices hear all prices tax included with delivery by us zip code provided, and remain valid for 30 days from the mailing date of our offer. all taxes, duties, fees or benefits payable under national regulations and international community remains the responsibility of the buyer.  Payment terms  A deposit of 40% of the amount of the order must be attached to the order. The estimate sign bearing the words "agreed" order is order and service. Regulation of this deposit may be made ​​by check or bank transfer. The balance of the settlement takes place upon delivery of invoice upon presentation of the statement into account. If an agreement independent of the CG provides a subsequent settlement of the balance, this agreement is resulting in a writing approved by antique bathtub. Any delay in payment results in immediate payment of sums due. Any delay results in the settlement of an interest rate of 18% of the contracts and is made ​​effective after payment of the invoice contracting.  Retention of title The transfer of ownership of goods delivered and invoiced is suspended until full payment (applicable law claim, even if the judicial reorganization or liquidation). Legal ownership of our articles will therefore transferred to the purchaser as of the date or it will be in fully paid the price. If the goods are sold in the meantime, it is the customer to give us the claim and if regulations are made ​​on these claims, they must be sent to us upon receipt.  Shipping and delivery  transport supported by our company is deemed our responsibility: he understands the risks involved in the transport and unloading the tool transportation to the first door.  However, any transport by an external company and commissioned by the client remains in the responsibility of the customer in terms of risks to the Transport and unloading.  In case of damage, loss, delay or non-compliance, it is the destination to the usual reservations with the carrier to retain its legal rights. In any case, Claims must be made ​​in writing within 48 hours of receipt of shipments. After this period no claim will be considered. The delivery times are indicative only.  A possible delay in delivery may result in damages to a cancellation of the order, a refusal to accept the goods or to report a settlement.  Compliance   Goods are inspected before shipment. With respect to old materials, the buyer agrees that the dimensions of goods may vary plus or minus 5%, and their shapes, colors and quality can fluctuate from one delivery to another. The old materials are not subject any guarantees, it belongs to the purchaser to ensure compliance and strength of materials purchased.