Time and guaranteed 
The Cast iron radiators are guaranteed for 2 years 
The old valves 'refurbished' are guaranteed 2 years 
Surface treatments renovation hard cast iron tub is guaranteed for 5 years; porcelain sinks are guaranteed for 3 years, subject to strict compliance with our guidelines for maintaining detailed article "maintenance" 
This warranty is limited to free replacement of defective parts found by us, but we did not participate in any costs of removal, rest, restoration, painting, etc ... It can not be called for labor costs of the work, travel expenses or other claims for damages by the customer or refund. Only under conditions of security, can be proposed to replace, repair (provided it is possible) of the goods including freight and delivery. 
It is expressly agreed that the liability of the company shall in no way be due to injury, and commercial or other material, caused directly or indirectly to the buyer or any other person or entity because of the subject goods this contract. It is therefore for the purchaser to take out any insurance policy it deems appropriate for the risks above. 
No returns n 'is accepted outside the applicability of our warranty and no return can be made without our prior consent. Return costs and forwarding of the goods shall be borne by the purchaser. No return to port will be accepted. 
Maintenance instructions 
It should be to clean the tub after each use with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner, detergent and not any cleaner inappropriate. Rinsing with water will take place non-aggressive, non-calcareous or with electrolytic or chemical phenomena. 
Wiping after rinsing is recommended to prevent calcium deposits. 
The use of abrasive powders or recurring is prohibited. it applies to organic products such as thinners, solvents, cleaners, hydrocarbons, acetone, turpentine or benzine. 
Our guarantee does not apply if: 
  1. deterioration of parts resulting from incorrect installation by a third party who has not taken care to protect the object 
  2. abnormal use of all or part of the object 
  3. the use of an aggressive water, limestone, or with chemical or electrolytic processes 
  4. a facility not protected by a filter system generally avoiding the presence of impurities in the network 
  5. shocks, scratches, made during installation 
  6. poor maintenance with detergents or abrasive or inadequate 
  7. an absence of bleeding on the installation 
  8. of damage by foreign bodies (chips, dirt ...) transported in water 
  9. an aggressive environment (presence near or aggressive acid fumes) 
  10. of poor maintenance