Several techniques exist because the products used and their application. However, there are two families of re-enamelling workshop:

Some are appropriate to support old cast iron / ceramic glazed

             - Other media are suitable for old cast iron bare.

These techniques, because the products used and their implementation in terms perfectibility guarantee perenniality in time and finished look. The term enamel can be fraught qualify for this benefit because of the products currently used. However, the term re-glazing is when the delivery is part of a prior knowledge of a knowledge and control its evolution. This control is based on an understanding of the adaptation of industrial components, technology today, while respecting the final destination of the latter.


Refinishing bath before


 Renovation of cast iron.


The enamel interior is deep dirt and many pieces.The external cladding is missing or damaged 


Stripping the bathtub full of Interior: Application of an anti-rust, application of the different layers of preparation and application of multiple layers of enamel. Polishing. Exterior and base: Application of a protective layer application of a patina or paint finish 


Resin known as "solid surface" of the titanium base, manufactures respect the ISO 9001 standard. 
allkyde solution and paintings

4 / 6 weeks 








bath and restored réémaillée



Enamelling Baths



 Renovation of glazed ceramics. 

Cleaning with special products and

a combination of products specially developed for the glass industry that helps the enamel to bond to the porcerlaine

 and application of multiple layers of enamel.


The material used is a modern day enamel with  outstanding durability and resistance to friction and impact and moderately abrasive cleaning chemicals .

WARNING: The technique described above, although brief, is a technique that uses the time, knowledge and use of specific products. This type of restoration is different from the simple "refresh" commonly practiced there. Certain precautions are to be expected, however, about the maintenance and use. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Clean the tub after each use with a soft sponge and a liquid household cleaner. 
Rinse with clear water and wipe to avoid lesdepôts limestone. 
Do not use abrasives or scouring powder, or organic products such as thinners, solvents, cleaners, hydrocarbons, acetone, thérébenthine or methylated spirits.

vitroues enamelling.

Some of our cast iron baths cane be vitreous enamelled, this is a 3 stage process , shot blasting the bath back to the bare metal , a ground coat coat is applyed , followed by 4 couts of vitreous enamel , each coat is fired in a furnace at 800 degrees celsius.At this temperature the glass powder enamel fuses to the cast iron and hardens to a smooth durable finish identical to the original process of bath enamelling.the exterior of the bath is painted with oxcide primer and can be painted to a colour of you choice .